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The Tricky Tumblers
A mind boggling puzzle game with various levels of difficulty
Clear each level by filling the target amount of liquid of target color into the target tumbler. Starting with only plain water, game expands to include colored water and mixing of colored water concept, which further expands to include the concept of magic wands.

Kid's coloring: Birthday
Kid's coloring: "Birthday" is free coloring game.

Prehistoric Videopoker
Prehistoric Videopoker is the game of down town Stone Age living. Sharp and sweet, the game has all the charm and drama you would expect from a poker game except it is easier to learn and play
br When you download Prehistoric Videopoker you hear funky background tunes echo in the jungle around the video poker machine. You see a mammoth, it helps you by placing your bets with its trunk, and your winnings flow freely into the capture basket. And a caveman who strolls past dragging his prehistoric wife behind him back to the cave. He is extremely indignant at this stupid woman because she has bought a new dress! Just now when he wants to acquire a big axe! He can't realize how it is possible to spend all their wealth, including stones of different colors, sea shells and fangs of a tiger killed by him, and to buy the dress! Because of it, he will injure her face a little bit and then he will force her to exchange this dress to the axe.

Ninja Jump
Defeat all the bad ninjas that appear on screen in a fast and funny environment!

Arian Starfighter
This game is inspired by X-Wing, Wing Commander, and Asteroids
br The game includes voice acting and introduces the Arian-Japanese War Story Arc
br Instructions are in game.

Punk O Matic
Create Music

Rodent Tree Jump
Compete in the Tree Jumping competition and earn eternal fame amongst your fellow rodents.


Breakout by 2dplay
Help the ball get free.

Like the classic Atari game, Defender...

This is a snake game

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